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“Being responsible about the clothes we buy also extends to being responsible about what we do with clothes we no longer want”

~Loved Clothes Last, Fashion Revolution Issue 2.

We are very proud that all of the clothes and toys we sell at Fallowfield are made by companies who are committed to creating positive social and environmental change. However, we are still concerned about what happens to these items once they have been outgrown - especially when there’s nobody to pass them on to.

After giving it lots of thought we have decided to create a Pre-Loved section - a small collection of gently used clothes and toys within our Guelph shop. These second hand items will all of course be ethically made and from sustainable materials - we anticipate that at first the majority of our pre-loved section will be made up of brands that we already carry and are familiar with.

Want to sell your items with us?

You can bring in your preloved items any time during our opening hours for us to take a look at. Leave us your contact details and we will be in touch within 48 hours to let you know what we can accept. In return we will offer you a store credit towards any of our apparel collections (exclusions will be specified, if any).  - you don't have to wait until your items have sold. Initially we will be pricing clothes and toys between 30-50% of their original retail price and you will receive a store credit of 40%.

(For example, a dress originally sold for $60 - it's still in excellent condition and we feel will resell easily for $30 - the store credit issued will be $12).

*Please note that as this is a new venture we might have to make small changes to our pricing structure from time to time but we will be transaparent about this.

Which items can I trade in?

We welcome items previously purchased from Fallowfield and other items that are made with a similar ethos - sustainable materials and sweatshop free. If in doubt contact us here.

We do NOT accept the following items:

  • Underwear

  • Socks

Items should be smoke-free, stain-free and all buttons, snaps and zippers that function. However, we also don’t want items to go to landfill and we know we have many very talented people in Guelph who will happily mend items so items that need a button fixing etc will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please note that there might be other reasons why we cannot accept your item, for example if we have too many similar items in the shop at the moment. We hope we don’t turn anyone away though!

What about the items that Fallowfield doesn't want?

If there are any items we don't feel we can re-sell we will happily donate these for you - currently any clothing will be donated to Hope House or similar organizations. 

Thanks for considering trading in your gently used children’s clothing with us. Whilst this is a new service that we will be offering, we might have to periodically make small changes to this guide, bear with us!

*please note. preloved store credits cannot be used on toys.

We welcome any questions or comments.

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